Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive therapy in which crystals are placed around and on the body to harmonise the Chakra’s holistically promoting energy balance and well being in the physical and subtle bodies.

Prices are £35 per session
With meditation £45 per session

How does crystal healing work?

Each crystal has a unique internal structure which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency, which gives the crystals their healing attributes
The treatment is carried out on a fully clothed person placing various crystals and minerals on and around the body and Chakra points to promote energy balance, induce deep relaxation, releasing stress and pain.

Crystal therapy can work for you, do you need to learn to relax or release?  Chakra balancing can help with most conditions.
I have helped many people to live a more relaxed, comfortable and balanced life.
Come and see for yourself or treat that special someone.

Crystal healing Benefits

● Digestive disorder
● Eating disorders
● Stress relief
● Pain management
● Chakra balancing

● Depression
● Headaches
● Cancer
● Panic attacks
● Stiff joints
● Migraines