Blue Obsidian – Small


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Blue obsidian meaning is enhancing communication skills and blocking negativity. The blue color in obsidian very close to spiritual properties. People who use obsidian stone seem more interested in religious things.This is the effect of blue obsidian properties.

One of the most beautiful crystals is the blue obsidian, some of them look like blue-green and electric blue . Just like other obsidian’s, it’s also a form of volcanic stone which consists of Silica or silicon dioxide.

Since it’s not formed through crystallization, it’s not considered a mineral. Instead, it’s a natural volcanic glass with magnesium and iron impurities. Every blue obsidian has its microscopic bubble patterns that result in its unique color sheen.

Unlike other obsidian’s that are easy to find, this one is very rare although market demand is high. It results in man-made stone dominating the market.

Therefore, if you want to buy the real one, make sure you get it from trusted shop or dealers because the fake ones cannot give you the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.