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Holistically4u offers holistic therapies such as Reiki which will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease with your self as it balances the Chakras and heals the areas in need of help. Enjoy a therapy session in our very own private therapy room where we will asses your condition and advise the best course of action. If Reiki is not what you are looking for then you could try hypnotherapy which is very effective in many areas such as weight loss or stress management, changing your mindset and programming your brain to think differently. As changing your bad habits can be very difficult hypnotherapy can offer you a solution that is long lasting or even permanent.  
Crystal therapy will also balance the Chakras and bring you body and spirit back into balance. Crystals are very powerful and can heal many different ailments and illnesses but it can also be used to maintain your bodies internal wellness.
Colour therapy is similar to crystal therapy in that it uses colour vibration to heal the areas that need help, particularly good with the eyes.
Life coaching is there to put you on the right path or help you to achieve your goals, for example if you can’t be hypnotised (some people cant be hypnotised) then life coaching is there to give you a life plan and have some one there every step of the way to keep you on the right path.
Finally we also sell crystals in our crystal shop and if you can’t find the one you are looking for chances are we can!
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment feel free to contact me at any time, if I am busy with a client I will get back to you ASAP. I am a local business and can help you if you live in the Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle area.

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