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Reiki is a powerful alternative therapy which can speed up the healing process in sporting injuries. Whether it is Football, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket or Athletics Reiki can provide a safe and effective boost to getting you back into competitive form.

Reiki not only helps with healing but it also helps with concentration, relaxation and other mental issues making it ideal for improving sports performance. It may improve your best times by a small amount or it may help with concentration when taking a penalty, whatever the situation Reiki can give you the edge or advantage that you may be looking for. As it is completely natural and non invasive it won’t interfere with any other treatment that you may be receiving.

You may have never heard of Reiki before, but many professional athletes already incorporate Reiki into their health and training routines. Some famous examples include, Olympic double medalist Hayden Roulsten who, in 2006, was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that can cause sudden death. Considering retirement at just 25,  he was given hope through a friend and a chance meeting with a Reiki practitioner. A course of treatment helped him, against the odds, make a successful return to top level cycling. Since he started using Reiki, his heart problems have effectively resolved.  Another example, is pro American football player Charles Way of the New York Giants.  Way suffered from a chronic knee injury and even though he started off as a skeptic, he began receiving regular Reiki treatment and was amazed by the results. You can see his testimonial on You Tube.

PGA Golfers have turned to one particular Reiki practitioner, Jim Weathers, a former Green Beret, who uses Reiki among other therapies. He has treated a number of golfers over the years, including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Kelly, and Ted Purdy. For 25 years, Weathers has been travelling the continent treating race car drivers, rodeo competitors, ultimate fighters and a myriad of other athletes. Many articles have been written about him, like this one from the New York Times.

Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular with athletes, both amateur and professional. Through alternative therapies such as Reiki and naturopathy, along with strength and flexibility training using yoga and Pilates, individual athletes and teams are now finding natural, safe, and legal ways to give them an edge in their chosen sport.

Reiki in Sport