Relax And Feel Well With Our Premium Packages

Holistic treatments can offer you an uplifting and healing experience, combining different therapies is also a wonderful way to gain the best benefit from the different treatments.

Our premium packs have been selected to give you the best possible experience.

Reiki Healing Premium pack.

Consisting of a standard Reiki session with Chakra balancing, meditation and your own set of Chakra Crystals. The ultimate in the Reiki experience, if you have a specific problem that you would like me to work on then I will tailor the whole session around your needs.

Price £68

Reiki Premium Pack

Past Life Regression

#Reiki Premium Pack

Past Life Regression

Ever thought why you have a phobia or habit? Or perhaps you have a feeling that you have been here before?

We can help to answer these questions with a past life regression hypnosis which is an insight to your past life.

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity but for most it can, with the help of a trained guide cure your phobias and anxieties.

Price including consultation £78


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